Dreamers Imagine

Includes a copy of the "Freedom Day" Production DVD, personally signed by Elijah Coles-Brown! 

"Unlimited possibilities, when you read, dream, and imagine"​

All of my fellow engineers in my NSBE chapter. All amazing peers who are striving for their dream jobs

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This DVD comes packed with

45 minutes of an entertaining, educational, and historical dramatization of the plantation life, sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Take a trip into the past with a dynamic stage play that features a reenactment of Frederick Douglass.
In 1838, Frederick has made his successful escape to freedom.
Meet the splendid cast of historic men, women, and children who work on the plantation from sun up
to sundown and wonder if Frederick ever made it, ‘up the line.’
Both entertaining and educational, this production chronicles in an hour, the loves, the losses, and
the laughter of the enslaved people subjected to merciless abuse and unequivocal evil.
Despite these ancestors’ plight of horrible degradation, they persevered as one
to secure and celebrate their freedom.

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