"It Takes A Village"

The original African slogan was offered from the context of the ideal group of people surrounding a child and contributing to his early education and training: grandparents, friends, teachers and others who in many ways supplement the primary care and oversight of the parents.  But, parents bear the first and primary responsibility for their sons and daughters." Yet a "village," could be friends, neighbors and extended family to include schools, Churches, and outside community organizations for children to become involved.
                                                                 (African Proverb)


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My Brother's Keeper

To be a brother’s keeper means to be a brothers protector, his guardian, the person that takes care of you. Now, this brother doesn’t just have to be a blood brother, it could be a friend, church brother or sister, a mother, a father, a teacher, a mentor even a pastor, but whoever it is, they are the protector, they are the guardian, They! Are the one who takes care of you! It takes a village to raise a child. That is a brother’s keeper. I have been blessed to have a village and I am thankful to almighty God for blessing me with my brother’s keepers!

                               Elijah Coles-Brown

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