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​​Upcoming Events


February 3- Dreamers Imagine Productions will present the Freedom Day Fundraiser at 31st Street Baptist Church located at 823 North 31st Street, Richmond, VA 23223 from 5pm-7pm. Tickets for the production will go on sale soon!

February 17- I will be speaking at the 200th Frederick Douglass Birthday Celebration at the Anacostia Playhouse in Washington D.C

February 25- I will be participating in the Dads Against Violence March in the memory of the murder victims: Renita Williams and Jasihuan Wells. The march will be at 3 PM on Hill St. at the Tiger Market in Jackson Ward and end at the John Marshall Court Building, where I will be speaking.


March 3- We will be holding our next National Action Network meeting at 31st Street Baptist Church located at 823 N. 31st Street at 12 PM


April 18-21: National Action Network Annual Convention in New York, NY 


I will be participating in the campaign for Newport News Councilwoman Sharon Scott. Time and Date: TBA


June 14- I will be speaking at the 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony for the students of J.E.B Stuart Elementary School at Trinity Baptist Church located at 2811 Fendall Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222 at 10 AM

Dear Website Visitors, the Demonstration to Legislation Conference in Washington, DC was a success! All of the democratic legislators came to Capitol Hill to support this conference, and were able to discuss how we can turn peaceful demonstration and integrate the fight for justice into the legislative process!


"To encourage kids the importance of early education, youth development, leadership, and to inspire kids that they have unlimited possibilities when they Read, Dream, and Imagine."


1. Glory by John Legend Ft Common

2. Blessed by Charlie Wilson Ft T.I.

3. You Gotta Be by Desree

Dear Website Visitors, it was an honor to speak before the powerful women who are a part of the Delver's Women's Club in Richmond, VA. For over 100 years, their group has continued to fight for education, racial equality, gender equality, literary arts, and the recognition of the youth in our community. It was a pleasure to be able to share a message to them and I hope that I get a chance to once again!


CONTACT: Brenda Coles    

(My mom) 
804-426-6308 or email:bcoles52@comcast.net

Dear Website Visitors, I am blessed to have the opportunity to announce, that I am the subject of a new documentary called "Being Fearless", by the Omega Institute out of Rhinebeck, NY. This film is being done by filmmaker Natasha Scully! This documentary is an opportunity to show how profound and necessary dialogue, contemplative wisdom, social justice activism, and the handling of my experiences have left me where I am today, and to show how I have used those in order to have navigate through the times in which we live at this current moment, and how I have turned tragedy into triumph! The introductory video to the documentary is below for you to watch! It was also a blessing to be a part of the "Being Fearless Conference" from October 13-15, in Rhinebeck, NY at the Omega Institute located at 150 Lake Dr, Rhinebeck, NY 12572. The Omega Institute is a holistic institute that infuses peace and mindfulness into it's many programs! The Being Fearless Conference was an opportunity that invited many speakers, such as myself, to talk about how we can infuse mindfulness into social justice. I want to thank the Omega Institute for inviting me, because it provided me an opportunity to learn about how mindful I am, based on the teachings of the many wonderful speakers that attended the event. Many different issues that are concerning our nation were addressed such as race, politics, and climate change. For those of you, who would still like to view the conference on demand, the conference is an on demand event as well! For $5, you get access to the full conference on demand, and all of the dynamic speakers that come along with it. Make sure to visit the link down below, in order to pay the $5, and get the entire conference on demand through December 14!


It was an amazing opportunity to, once again, participate in the National Frederick Douglass Oratorical Contest for the 4th year in a row. I am ecstatic with joy to announce, that I placed 3rd in the Contest. I want to congratulate all of the other participants in the contest. Everyone was awesome!

Dreamers Imagine

Dear Website Visitors, 2018 is a year that we will have to take action. 2018 will be the 50th year anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, We must take a look back on everything we have been through as a country, and continue to fight against the injustices that gradually effect every crack and crevice of our nation. As Dr. King said, "Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time to rise against the dark and desolate valleys of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice".

I want to applaud Virginia for going out to the polls and exercising your right to vote, and realizing how important it is to use your vote as your voice! Good job getting out to vote Virginia!​​

Dear Website Visitors, I want to thank everyone who came out to the first meeting for the Richmond Chapter of the National Action Network! I also want to congratulate the new officers of our chapter. The next meeting will be held on Saturday, December 2nd, at 31st Street Baptist Church located at 823 North 31st Street, Richmond, VA 23223 from 12pm-1pm. I encourage everyone to come and join this movement! You may join at any time, and if you are interested in joining, please contact Brenda Coles at 804-426-6308. A Richmond Chapter National Action Network Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram, will be coming soon. We have exciting plans coming for this chapter which will include promoting our youth, and activities that will follow the National Action Network mission statement of "promoting a modern civil rights agenda that includes the fight for one standard of justice, decency and equal opportunities for all people regardless of race, religion, nationality or gender."

It was an honor to have been invited to Governor McAullife's Black History Month Reception hosted at the Virginia Executive Mansion

It was an honor to be able to speak for

Frederick Douglass' 199th Birthday Celebration

Governor McAullife's Transportation Conference

​​I had the amazing opportunity to be featured in a new Hillary Clinton campaign ad! That's an amazing honor! Please check out the ad down below! I also got the chance to speak to President Obama on a conference call with thousands of Hillary Clinton supporters! Here's the link: 


It was an honor to be able to speak at Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network (NAN) Convention in NYC

Dear Website Visitors, I wanted to first say, that I was very humbled by being allowed to have the opportunity to speak to the Democratic National Convention. It was truly an honor to be able to participate in an event like that, and I am thankful for this blessing from God.

I would like to thank Professor Crystal Nolen at Old Dominion University for inviting me to her Public Speaking 101 and Persuasion 300 classes, to share my tips and tools of public speaking with her students 

I spoke at the Charter House School, on Wednesday February 8. It was such an awesome experience, and I want to thank my peers at the Charter House school. Keep Dreaming, keep Believing and keep Achieving!


Minister's March for Justice Interview by Roland Martin!

Dear Website Visitors,

It was an honor to be able to have participated and spoke at the Ministers March For Justice. As a 13 year old, I am so glad that I was able to be in attendance for such a prolific march, that brought people of all faiths and religions, races, cultures, and economic backgrounds together to march for the rights of all people, to send a message to this administration, that we can all come together to stand our ground, and to fight against the injustices that have occurred, especially enlightened of what has happened in Charlottesville. It was not a moment; it was a movement. That was only the beginning! We will continue to fight for our civil rights, our voting rights, our social justice, and the equality of the people of this nation. As a millennial, it is my duty, and the duty of the other millennials, of this nation, to continue to carry the torch for justice, to continue to carry the torch for freedom! It is our time to carry that torch from people like Reverend Al Sharpton, from people like Reverend Jesse Jackson, from people like Martin Luther King III, and from everyone who have continued to fight since the grassroots civil rights movement, and carry the torch of those who have passed on. This march was monumental towards our fight, and if we are going to continue to fight, we must have more marches, just like this! This may have been a first, but this will certainly not be the last! I will continue to march on those front lines for justice, and though we may not be at our destination yet, I know that we are certainly not far! We shall overcome!

Peace and Blessings! 

It was an honor to be able to teach a creative writing class at Bryant and Stratton College, in Hampton, VA, and have the opportunity share the different aspects of business with the students.

Juneteenth Freedom Day Production

Dear Website Visitors, on February 4, at the Children's Museum of Richmond, located at 2626 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220 at 11 AM, I staged  a production on the "March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom". Also at 1 PM, I staged a production on Frederick Douglass titled "The Present and Future of the Colored Race of America" It was a great experience, and I hope I will be able to do it again! It was a history lesson for all!

Dear Website Visitors, on September 30, I spoke at the "Caught In The Crossfire" Domestic. Violence and guns in communities of color, Community Empowerment Forum. This was an honor, and I want to thank Richmond City Police Seargent Carol Adams, of the Carol Adams Foundation, one of the organizers of this event, for inviting me to speak at this event. This event was about the recent gun violence that has been occurring recently in the city of Richmond. It gave our community a chance to come together as a community, to discuss the violence in our communities, and about conflict resolution. We were able to stand against the violence in this city and discuss suggestions of how to curb gun violence in communities of color.

It was truly an honor to be the Keynote speaker for the 2017 MLK OBSERVANCE DAY! Thank you all. Peace and blessings!

I want to personally congratulate Richmond Mayor Elect, Levar Stoney, for being elected as the next Mayor of Richmond, VA. I know that he will do great things for the Richmond community, and that the Richmond people will live in a city, where they can feel safe and loved. Remember; You can't spell Levar without RVA!


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Dear Family and Friends, I spoke at Halifax Community College in North Carolina, for their P.R.I.D.E Men to Men Summit. At this summit, I spoke to 450 youth in middle school through college, about being your brothers keeper. It was such amazing an amazing experience. After I spoke, we broke out into a Q&A session that I facilitated, and had about 100 middle school kids in participation with me. The questions that they had for me were insightful and encouraging, and I am so glad I was able to inspire those youth, as much as they said I did. The youth were nice, embracing, and accepting towards me and I appreciate all of the nice things they said to me, because it truly tells you how much they understood my message, and how thankful they were for it. I want to thank HCC for inviting me, and I hope I will be able to participate next year. Thank you and Peace and blessings.

Dear Website Visitors, on October 11, I attended the Sharpton Symposium, in order to examine the magnificent work and the impact that Reverend Al Sharpton has done for communities around the nation and around the world. His dedication, love, and care for the unity and equality of the nation is incredible, and I'm glad that we were able to celebrate his work and what he has done! Peace and blessings! 

This is who inspires me!

"Unlimited possibilities, when you read, dream, and imagine"​

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​My dream is to be an engineer. Please visit my NSBE page!

I was the President from 2016-2017 of the Nubian Village Chapter! 

Dear Website Visitors, on February 3rd, my company, DreamersImagine Productions, will be presented Freedom Day! This production will gave you the opportunity to take a trip back into the past with a creative production that sets the stage for a historical speech reenactment of Frederick Douglass.  The audience is transported back through time to the days of plantation life.   The characters that you meet on this journey reveal their hope for liberation as they wonder how Frederick Douglass is doing as a free man.  This enhanced dramaturgical experience depicts the lives of the enslaved men, women, and children who were forced to work in the fields harvesting cotton from sun up to sun down.  Under the whip of the overseer they were subjected to merciless abuse, horrible degradation, and unequivocal evil. Both educational and entertaining, this production is a succinct chronicle that, in the span of an hour, documents the growing abolitionist movement and the call for emancipation. It was an honor to be able to participate in this historic event with the wonderful and talented cast and crew that made up Freedom Day. I want to thank the cast of Freedom Day that were able to bring this production to life for so many people!